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Lloyd Mark Johnston (CRD #1626695) is a previously registered broker and investment advisor who was last employed with Capital Financial Services, Inc. (CRD #8408) of Spokane, WA. He was previously employed with Legacy Financial Services, Inc. (CRD #38697) of Clinton, MD., Investors Capital Corp. (CRD #30613) of Lynnfield, MA, and Intersecurities, Inc. (CRD #16164) of St. Petersburg, FL. No current employment information is available. He has been in the industry since 1987.

Failure-to-Adequately-Supervise-Prompts-FINRA-Suspension-of-Roman-Luckey-300x200FINRA suspended Johnston on 06/25/2018 indefinitely after he failed to respond to a request for information. The suspension will continue until he provides the requested information. Should Johnson decline to provide this information, continue not responding or fail to request termination of his suspension, the suspension will be converted to a bar. FINRA began its investigation on 02/08/2018.

Johnston was discharged from Capital Financial Services on 05/14/2018 for failing to disclose “reportable events” on his U4. While the reportable events were not described, BrokerCheck lists a total of 15 tax liens in his disclosures dating back to 2000.

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FINRA Reports Brokers Nas Adel Allan and Gregory Anastos Made Unsuitable Recommendations on elderfinancialfraudattorneys.comSilver Law Group represented the Claimant in a FINRA arbitration claim against Texas E&P Partner, Inc. and Mark Plummer.  Scott Silver, managing partner of Silver Law Group, a leading securities and investment fraud law firm, said “the Award is significant because we have seen a rise in cases involving private placements and alternative investments and we are grateful that the FINRA Panel recognized the damage caused by Respondent.

The securities arbitration claim alleged that Respondents sold a Reg D private placement to the Claimant without disclosing all of the risks and the investment was unsuitable.  The FINRA Statement of Claim further alleged that the Respondents charged excess commissions or markups.  Significantly, the FINRA Arbitration Panel found that Respondents are jointly and severally liable for and shall pay to Claimant the sum of $1,000,000.00 in punitive damages pursuant to Mastrobuono v. Shearson Lehman Hutton, Inc., 514 U.S. 52, 64 (1995).

If you’ve lost money investing in unsuitable private placements or Reg “D” offerings, you may be able to recover your investment losses. We take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we recover. Please contact Scott Silver of the Silver Law Group for a free consultation at ssilver@silverlaw.com or toll free at (800) 975-4345.

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Robert Scott Ginsberg (CRD #5177531) is a registered broker and investment advisor currently employed with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. (CRD #421) of Wallingford, CT. He was previously employed by Investors Capital Corp. (CRD #30613), also of Wallingford. He has been in the industry since 2008.

Scottsdale-Capital-Advisors-Awaiting-FINRA-Disciplinary-Action-After-Alleged-Scheme-300x200Ginsberg is the subject of two disclosures in his record. Both are customer disputes filed in 2017, and are currently pending.

The first was filed on 12/07/2017, alleging “suitability.” No damages are listed, and no other information is available.

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National Securities Corporation: Frequent Customer Disputes with FINRA on silverlaw.comHow the company has violated or been accused of violating FINRA regulations

It is always important for investors to have a good understanding of the financial professionals they work with. Before handing over money to anyone, brokers should be vetted properly. This is why the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) created its BrokerCheck reports.

Not only do these provide good information on where brokers are licensed and their work histories, but they also reveal customer disputes, discharges, and alleged improper activity. But these reports don’t just cover brokers – they also include their member firms.

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Securities Arbitration Claims Against National Securities Corp. on silverlaw.comAccording to some reports, nearly 1/3 of National Securities brokers have had regulatory issues, legal disputes, or personal financial problems that have been disclosed to investors

National Securities Corporation is one of the oldest financial firms in the U.S., dating back over 70 years. Its the main office is in Seattle, Washington, but the company has licenses to operate in every state in the country, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

National Securities Corporation is registered with the SEC and three self-regulatory organizations: Nasdaq, Cboe BZX Exchanged, Inc., and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) – and it is with the latter agency that the company has come under intense scrutiny over the last couple of decades.

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Broker Walter Parker (CRD #2131232) is a former registered broker and investment advisor last employed with Titan Securities, Inc. (CRD #131392) of Rowlett, TX. His previous employers include ING Financial Partners, Inc. (CRD #2882) of Wylie, TX, Locust Street Securities, Inc. (CRD #1703) of Des Moines, IA, and BMA Financial Services, Inc. (CRD #7943) of Kansas City, MO. No current employment information is available. Parker has been in the industry since 1991.

Lawrence-LaBine-Under-Fire-for-Alleged-Unsuitable-Recommendations-and-More-300x200FINRA recently suspended Parker for one month, and fined him $7,500 related to his activities with a client’s accounts. Parker made a number of recommendations to a client that she immediately begin investing in “alternative investments.” This client had very little prior investing experience, particularly with alternative investments. She was 64 at the time the account was opened. He recommended that she invest $290,000 into four of these illiquid alternative investments from her retirement accounts, all REITs.

These investments concentrated a large percentage of her net worth into these illiquid alternative investments, and were totally unsuitable for the client’s investment objectives. Unfortunately, the client suffered significant losses from all four of these REITs, requiring her to seek and obtain fulltime employment in 2016.

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SEC Charges Texas Pastor and Former Louisiana Broker with Money Laundering and Wire Fraud on silverlaw.comThe elder financial fraud allegations reportedly cost elderly investors over $1M of retirement savings

Once a prominent Methodist pastor in Houston, Texas, Kirbyjon Caldwell is now charged by the SEC with numerous counts of money laundering and wire fraud. The charges are directly related to a scheme Caldwell and his partner, Gregory Alan Smith – a self-proclaimed financial advisor who was also charged – allegedly used to defraud elderly investors by selling them an interest in defunct, pre-Revolutionary Chinese bonds.

It is alleged that in 2013 and 2014, Caldwell and Smith singled out vulnerable investors to invest in bonds that had no more value than being collectible memorabilia – promising instead that they were worth millions.

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Our investment fraud attorneys help victims of precious metal and exotic diamond frauds by con artists who promise quick profits from investing in rare diamonds or other exotic gems. Investors should be wary of any aggressive sales tactics or violations of state or federal securities laws.Bahram-Mirhashemi-Facing-Allegations-of-Elder-Financial-Fraud-300x200-300x200

Possible Fraudulent Sales Pitch Include: 

  • Current news already known to the public such as:
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Wells Fargo has disclosed a federal investigation into sales practice violations in customer 401(k)s after a whistleblower cited sales problems in customer accounts.

Multiple potential violations are disclosed including improper referrals, excessive fees and undisclosed conflicts of interest.  In the current bull market, many investors did not appreciate the fees being charged as their accounts were profitable and fees can be difficult to calculate.

Silver Law Group represents institutional and retail investors in claims for portfolio mismanagement, stockbroker misconduct and investment fraud.  If you believe your portfolio was mismanaged, excessively traded or your financial advisor purchased esoteric or high cost alternative investments, call us to discuss your legal rights toll-free (800) 975-4345 or e-mail at SSilver@silverlaw.com.

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The New Jersey Bureau of Securities has levied a large fine against LPL Financial LLC, one of the largest independent broker-dealer in the United States. The $950,000 fine also requires LPL to donate $25,000 to the New Jersey state investor education fund. The Bureau of Securities imposed these judgments against LPL for allegedly conducting unsuitable sales of non-traded real estate investment trusts and business development companies.

The Bureau on its settlement with LPL states; “This substantial settlement with LPL Financial sends a message that the securities industry cannot sell unsuitable investments to clients who are unlikely to be able to bear the financial risks,” said Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino. “The standards governing sales of alternative investments are in place to protect investors, and the Bureau will take action when these standards are ignored.”

Generally, Federal statues regulate suitability standards and limit the sale of certain alternative investments based on a complex calculation that reflects a client’s liquid net worth, or a mixture of a client’s income and net worth and other factors. New Jersey also limits the maximum total ratio of alternative investments held by an individual client’s portfolio to not exceed 10 percent of an investor’s complete portfolio.

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