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Donna Jean Hines (CRD #4275542, aka “Donna Jean Atchison” or “Donna J. Hines”) is a registered broker and investment advisor who is currently employed with Cetera Advisors LLC (CRD #10299) of Weston, WV. Her previous employers include Investment Planners, Inc. (CRD #18557), also of Weston, WV, Sammons Securities Company, LLC (CRD #115368) of Ann Arbor, MI, and Edward Jones (CRD #250) of St. Louis, MO. She has been in the industry since 2000.

Lawrence-LaBine-Under-Fire-for-Alleged-Unsuitable-Recommendations-and-More-300x200On 06/12/20018, a customer filed a dispute against Hines, alleging unsuitable investments from 2005 through 2018, negligence, common law fraud and other claims, and requested damages of $142,026.00. Hines responded that a motion to compel would be filed to bring the case to arbitration, and reasons why the claims were without basis.

Three previous customer disputes were filed on 12/21/2015, 12/24/2015 and 12/28/2015. The claimants were children of a deceased customer, who each inherited from the customer’s estate. The claims allege misrepresentation, omissions, negligence and breaches in regards to “alternative investment products” that Hines sold the customer. The damages requested were different for each case, but all three claims were settled for $100,000. Hines’ response was that the alternative investments were purchased more than ten years ago. The client passed away in 2011, and the claims were settled to avoid the cost and expense of litigation.

Craig Blattner has been in the securities industry for 31 years most recently with Cetera Advisors LLC in Longwood, FL from September 2016 – February 2018. Previous registrations include Investors Capital Corp in Longwood, FL form May 2006 – October 2016.  Mr. Blattner is no longer a registered stockbroker.

Blattner was assessed a deferred fine of $5,000 and suspended from association with any FINRA member in all capacities for 15 business days following allegations that he settled a client complaint away from his member firm.

FINRA’s findings stated that the value of a joint account of two clients served by Blattner allegedly declined by approximately $75,000. One of these clients complained, orally and in writing by e-mail, to Blattner about his management of their account and the losses they had suffered. Blattner did not disclose the client’s complaint to the firm, and that the complaint was never reported on his Form U4.

Craig Dean Blattner (CRD #1590301) is a previously registered Florida broker and investment advisor. His last employer of record is Cetera Advisors LLC (CRD #10299) of Longwood, FL; his employment was terminated on 2/28/2018. He is not currently registered with any FINRA affiliated firm, and no other recent employment information is available. His previous employers include Investors Capital Corp. (CRD #30613) of Longwood, FL which merged with Cetera in September of 2016, Gunnallen Financial, Inc. (CRD #17609) of Orlando FL, and First Montauk Securities Corp. (CRD #13755) of Red Bank, NJ.

On or about 03/20/2018, Blattner was suspended by FINRA for 15 days after an inquiry into his business practices. He allegedly personally handled a customer complaint without notifying his employer.

In April of 2013, two longtime clients who had a joint account complained, both orally and in writing, about their account’s loss of $75,000. Blattner was supposed to disclose this complaint to his company at the time, ICC, and report it on his Form U4. Instead, Blattner wrote the clients a personal check for $15,000, instructing them to open a new account to deposit the check. The customers did so, and were told by Blattner that the check was to generate trading profits to replace the losses from their joint account. Failing to notify his employer of these complaints, and handling it away from the firm, is a violation of FINRA rule 2010.

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