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The SEC recently published some guidance on variable annuities, an investment contract between an investor and an insurance company.

Winston-Turner-Facing-Allegations-of-Variable-Annuity-Fraud-300x200What It Is

A variable annuity is an investment account purchased from an insurance company that includes different types of insurance features. It can grow on a tax-deferred basis, and you can purchase one with a single payment or with regular “installment-plan” payments.

Peter Orlando (CRD #1142715) is a former registered broker, last employed with SCF Securities, Inc. (CRD #47275) of Fall River, MA. Previous employers include MetLife Securities (CRD #14251), Morgan Stanley (CRD #149777 and #8209), and Investors Capital Group (CRD #30613) He has been in the industry since 1983. His current employer and employment status is unknown.

Orlando is the subject of a regulatory disciplinary action involving one of his clients. From August through September of 2014, Orlando allegedly obtained control of the financial affairs of an elderly widow (named “DW” in the complaint.) He became the primary beneficiary and executor of her will, with his wife as the contingent beneficiary. He obtained two powers of attorney (POA), one for health and one known as a “durable POA.”

It is against MetLife’s policies for a representative to become involved in a client’s financial affairs, except in the case of family members. There is no indication that the client was also a family member. In addition to a opening a joint account with Orlando, the client also changed her will, closed two bank accounts in favor of the joint one, and gave him two powers of attorney. Orlando never notified the firm that he was acting as her personal representative in her affairs.

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