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Kyusun Kim (CRD #2864085) is a registered investment advisor and previously registered broker, last employed and registered with Sandlapper Securities, LLC, of San Diego, CA. (He is also known as “Kyu Sun Kim” or “Kenny Kim.”) Kim’s previous employers include Independent Financial Group, LLC (CRD #7717), Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation (CRD #3978), both also of San Diego, and The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (CRD #2580) of Fort Wayne, IN. He began in the industry in 1997.

Kim is the subject of 23 customer disputes dating back to 2007. One dispute was denied; nine are pending, and the remaining thirteen are settled, with one settlement rescinded. The total for Kim’s twelve settled cases is $2,995,443. His nine pending complaints include requested damages totaling $2,950,000.

New Jersey Broker Richard Grant Cody May Be Facing Serious Penalties on elderfinancialfraudattorneys.comBetween 2008 and 2015, Kim was accused of soliciting the business of individuals who were retired or near retirement age, and recommended that they liquidate their pension plans and 401(k) to invest with him in so-called “alternative investments,” including things like non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs.) Many of these customers had little or no investment experience, and were unfamiliar with these types of securities. The higher risk involved made them inconsistent with the more conservative objectives. Kim failed to disclose the extra risk involved in many of these securities, and most suffered substantial financial losses.

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FINRA Brings Charges Against Sandlapper Securities for Charging Over $8 million in Improper Markups on Private Placements

Our securities law firm is investigating Greenville, South Carolina-based Sandlapper Securities, LLC after FINRA filed a complaint alleging the firm defrauded investors by selling private placements in saltwater disposal wells at excessive, undisclosed markups.

According to FINRA’s complaint, Sandlapper Securities; two (2) of its top executives, Chief Executive Officer and owner Trevor L. Gordon (CRD# 2195122) and President of the Capital Markets Division Jack C. Bixler (CRD# 22331); and two (2) former FINRA-registered representatives formed multiple entities to invest in saltwater disposal wells in order to facilitate the scheme. All of the entities were located at Sandlapper’s main office in Greenville, South Carolina.

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