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Zachary-Bader-Suspended-After-Multiple-Allegations-of-Churning-300x232A man whose account was churned down to $10,000 was awarded both compensatory damages of $375,000 for his original investment plus an additional $700,000 in punitive damages. The client, Herbert W. Voss, was awarded $1.075 million by FINRA.

Mr. Voss’ attorney was quoted as saying that “It was like the Wild, Wild West in terms of lack of controls at the firm. It was unconscionable.”

Legend Securities, expelled by FINRA in April of 2017, was also known as Marlin Trading, Inc. and SPC Securities, Inc. The company’s record lists 32 disclosures. Many of these are similar to Mr. Voss as well as multiple fines and censures.

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