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Silver Law Group and Law Firm of David R. Chase File Case Against Independent Financial Group for Selling Away

Silver Law Group and The Law Firm of David R. Chase filed a FINRA arbitration claim against Independent Financial Group, a securities firm, after its broker improperly recommended the services of an individual who the SEC claims was engaged in a Ponzi scheme.

The statement of claim alleges the Claimant was the client of Independent Financial Group and its broker, Jon Pariser (CRD# 2755015).  In or around June 2017, Pariser informed Claimant that he was retiring and that he had a capable and skilled professional who he could recommend to take over — Christopher A. Parris, an unlicensed securities broker.

Pariser allegedly told the Claimant that Parris came highly-recommended and could be trusted, despite the fact that Parris had been suspended by FINRA less than two (2) years prior. The Claimant, according to the statement of claim, was unaware of this fact and relied upon Pariser’s professional opinion.

Pariser had initially sold the Claimant an annuity.  Parris, upon taking control of the account, immediately advised Claimant to surrender the annuity in full and invest the proceeds in First Nationle Solution, a Ponzi scheme according to the SEC, which Pariser was allegedly orchestrating.

Claimant alleges that Independent Financial Group failed to supervise Pariser and allowed him to make an unsuitable recommendation to invest with Parris. Due to Independent Financial Group’s lapses, the Claimant lost over $135,000.00.

Contact Our Firm if You’ve Lost Money

If you’ve invested with Independent Financial Group and/or Jon Pariser and suffered losses in First Nationle Solution, we may be able to help you recover your losses. Contact our firms today to learn how we can try to recover your losses. We work on a contingency fee, meaning if we don’t recover money you owe us nothing. Our lawyers have extensive experience in claims against banks, accountants and financial advisors who aid or assist in fraud.

Silver Law Group and The Law Firm of David R. Chase represent the interests of investors who have been the victims of investment fraud.  Scott Silver is the chairman of the Securities and Financial Fraud Group of the American Association of Justice and represents investors nationwide in securities investment fraud cases. David R. Chase was a former SEC prosecutor. Please contact Scott Silver of the Silver Law Group for a free consultation at ssilver@silverlaw.com or toll free at (800) 975-4345.

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