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FTC and State of Florida Charge Inbound Call Experts LLC and Advanced Tech Supportco LLC in $120 Million Fraud Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Florida have filed a complaint alleging South Florida-based Inbound Call Experts LLC d/b/a Advanced Tech Support (“ICE”), Advanced Tech Supportco LLC (“ATS”), and their principals in a $120 Million telemarketing scheme through which ICE and ATS allegedly marketed deceptive computer software and tech support services to consumers that were little more than false promises aimed at bilking consumers of millions of dollars.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in Florida, ICE and ATS used software designed to trick consumers into thinking that there were problems with their computers and then subjected those consumers to high-pressure deceptive sales pitches for tech support products and services to fix their non-existent computer problems.  By preying upon consumers’ lack of technical knowledge, the companies were able to convince consumers that their computers were fraught with Spyware, Malware, viruses, and a multitude of computer errors for which those consumers purportedly needed security software and tech support services that each cost as much as $500.  In all, the companies were able convince numerous consumers that the non-existent problems actually did exist, and Advanced Tech Support and others made millions of dollars of sales in the process.

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