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Broker William Hutchinson Barred by FINRA

Broker William Hutchinson Barred by FINRA on silverlaw.com

After failing to respond to a request for information, William Hutchinson was suspended and is now barred from association

In January of 2016, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) reached out to William Hutchinson to get information regarding complaints from some of his past clients. Because he did not respond, the agency suspended him. Hutchinson then had three months to request termination of that suspension, but he failed to do so and was automatically barred from association with any FINRA member.

First registered with Prudential Insurance in Newark, NJ, Hutchinson has been employed with J.P. Turner & Company in Montague, NJ, since May of 2011.

Hutchinson has had several charges levied against him, including lack of due diligence regarding investments, churning – which is defined as excessive trading with the intent of generating commission – and misrepresentation. In addition, he has been accused of common law fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and violating the state of Pennsylvania’s unfair trade practices and consumer protection law.

The suitability of investment vehicles managed by Hutchinson formed the basis of another complaint against him. FINRA’s Rule 2111 mandates that brokers have a “reasonable basis” to believe that an investment is suitable based on the investment portfolio of their client.

To learn more about the charges against Hutchinson, you can read his BrokerCheck report, a free service provided by FINRA. Did William Hutchinson handle investments for you? If you lost money, you may be able to recover losses through FINRA securities arbitration.

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