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Atul Makharia Customer Disputes Allege Unsuitability

Atul Makharia (CRD #5070762) is a registered broker currently employed with Centaurus Financial, Inc. (CRD #30833) of Lexington, SC. Makharia’s previous employers are J.P. Turner & Company, L.L.C. (CRD #43177), Gunnallen Financial, Inc. (CRD #17609), and First Allied Securities, Inc. (CRD #32444), also of Lexington, SC. Makharia has been in the industry since 2006.

Broker-Ricardo-Broome-Permanently-Barred-From-FINRA-300x200-300x200There are three disclosures in Makharia’s FINRA record. Two nearly identical customer disputes were filed on 11/8/018 and 10/15/2018. Both allege “unsuitability,” and one describes but doesn’t include “several other allegations associated therewith.”  Makharia denies allegations in both disputes. Both disputes are currently pending.

A third customer dispute, filed on 1/31/2017 with the state of South Carolina, alleges that Makharia sold the customer a CD but failed to provide a prospectus. The client requested damages of $20,000. After an investigation provided the required information to the state, the claim was closed with no further actions.

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