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When stockbrokers and other financial professionals violate our trust, the results can be catastrophic. People pour substantial savings into investments, especially investments aimed at major life events like retirement. If they trust the wrong person with those savings, deceit, bad advice, or fraud can make a lifetime of work disappear.

In that situation, victims may be able to sue the wrongdoer, or they may be able to pursue their complaints through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA.) This Congressionally created organization regulates the financial industry. In either case, investors may end up in securities arbitration, a process that’s similar to a court case but generally quicker and less expensive. People going through this process should have an attorney, and in most cases, an attorney experienced in securities and investment fraud cases. The Silver Law Group frequently represents clients in FINRA and court-ordered arbitration.

All About Securities Arbitration

Arbitration is a way to resolve a dispute without going to court. Depending on your situation, securities arbitration can have some distinct advantages. Rather than filing a case before a judge who works for the government, the two sides make their cases to an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. This neutral third party usually has some expertise or training in the kind of law that’s at stake in the case. They may jointly choose the arbitrator. Since arbitration is more streamlined than a court case, it’s generally faster and less expensive. It’s also not public, which may offer advantages.

If your financial advisor improperly handled your account, you may be required to submit to securities arbitration and take your case to FINRA, which offers arbitration as a form of dispute resolution. FINRA decides smaller arbitration cases—disputes over $50,000 or less—using only written documents, but claims larger than $50,000 will generally lead to an in-person hearing. Disputes generally take several months to resolve, and the decision is final—it can’t be taken to court afterward. This page explains more about FINRA’s dispute resolution program.

You may also go to mediation if you file a securities arbitration claim. Every arbitration doesn’t go to mediation, but securities mediation is a popular way to resolve disputes. These cases are still likely to be faster than going to court, and are frequently final and binding.

Experienced Investment Fraud Attorneys by Your Side

You can have a lawyer handle your arbitration case, and it’s very likely that you should. Since arbitration is a lot like going to court, you will still need knowledge about securities law and how it operates in your situation. An experienced securities lawyer should be able to help you make your best case, maximizing your chance of a fair recovery.

The Silver Law Group exclusively represents clients seeking restitution after experiencing fraud or other wrongdoing in the securities industry. We understand all the most common types of securities fraud because we are career securities lawyers. We frequently represent clients in securities law arbitration, including FINRA and court-ordered arbitration. We encourage you to review our background and experience. To set up a free consultation where we can learn more about your case and talk about your legal options, call us at (800) 975-4345 or send us a message through our website.

Client Reviews
“My in-laws lost their retirement funds to a dishonest broker. Silver Law Group and Scott Silver aggressively pursued their losses until he got their money back.” Ben M.
“I foolishly gave my money to a con artist promising me a great return on my money. Scott Silver zealously handled the matter, recovering my losses.” Darren S.
“I almost lost a lifetime of earnings after trusting the wrong person. Silver Law Group guided me through the arbitration process and a mediation, always fully prepared and committed to my case.” Scott T.