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Protection From Investment And Stockbroker Fraud

Our mothers always told us, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Many people sometimes forget those wise words from their mother when looking at lucrative investments. Many of these bogus and fraudulent investment opportunities may have red flags surrounding them. This is how many innocent people become victims. Studies reveal that older investors and baby boomers are often singled out by con artists who desire to steal from their accumulated retirement savings and assets.

Senior citizens are often targets of “Free Lunch Seminar” schemes about investing and retirement options. These seminars suggest they will inform you about retirement strategies or investment opportunities with little or no risk.

Often these free information seminars have hidden agendas to find new recruits and sell products, such as insurance or investment services. Participants will usually receive high pressure follow up calls or in-home visits with a goal to get them to invest in risky and unsafe investments.

However, anyone can be a target. No more are just the ultra-greedy and innocently naïve falling victim to investment frauds. Today’s con artists are often very convincing and can fool well-educated and experienced investors too. Anyone who is not in the know about fraud investments can become a victim and need help.

Here are 5 THINGS TO REMEMBER or red flags to be concerned about.

How to Protect Yourself

1) Do not talk with suspicious investment brokers, who pressure you about making a decision on an investment opportunity. Tell the person you are speaking with that you are not interested and end the conversation. This is your first line of protection.

2) Ask important questions that a legitimate broker would gladly share the answers with you, such as are you are registered broker? Or is the company registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

3) Take a look at FINRA BrokerCheck  to view registration information about FINRA- and SEC- registered investment specialists to see if the broker or company in question is listed.

4) Conduct your own research and due diligence of an investment opportunity and broker.

5) Arm yourself with knowledge from websites like SaveAndInvest.org. This is a free service from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. It provides a wealth of information to protect you from investment fraud and it can help you improve your finances.

Contact an Attorney

If you feel uneasy about an investment opportunity or have become a victim of an investment scheme, contact the securities lawyers at Silver Law Group, a national Securities Arbitration & Investment Fraud Law firm. Their lawyers are admitted to practice in New York and Florida and represent investors nationwide to help recover investment losses due to security and investment fraud or stockbroker misconduct. The securities lawyers at Silver Law Group work hard to protect your money from the bad guys. Contact us at 800-975-4345.



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